YourBlueprint: A support program for your patients

Personalized support and financial assistance for your patients taking GAVRETO

YourBlueprint is a patient support program designed with your patients’ care in mind. YourBlueprint assists patients throughout many aspects of treatment by providing:

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Temporary treatment

Reimbursement support

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Co-pay Assistance Program

Your Blueprint Co-pay Card

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This program helps eligible, commercially insured patients reduce their out-of-pocket costs (co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible) to as little as $0.

For more information, see the full Terms and Conditions.

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Financial Assistance*

YourBlueprint can provide benefits investigations at your request. Together with your staff, we can connect eligible patients with financial assistance options depending on their insurance coverage situation.

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*For terms and conditions, call 1-888-BLUPRNT (1-888-258-7768).